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This online service allows users to search schedules, routes, and station locations all over the country and book a ticket for the ride that will best serve their travel needs. Our technology provides motorcoach companies with an opportunity to reach a new customer base and expand their marketing outreach because of the ease with which users can discover their services through our search platform. We also integrated a multi-route technology which can help smaller companies by attracting new customers who may be searching for ways to travel their “last mile.” Contact us to inquire more, schedule a demo, and form a partnership.


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    1. Welcome To

    We’ll learn about your company needs, and discuss ways in which we can benefit from a working relationship.

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    2. Let’s Form A Partnership

    Our tech team will work with your ticketing personnel to integrate schedule listings, sales, tracking, and proper security measures to maintain safe and efficient communication channels.

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    3. We’re Ready For Business!

    Your schedules and routes become live, and can be searched by our customers.

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  • Referred Customers

    When a customer clicks through to your bus company website, he/she will be given a unique identity which will identify him/her as a NickelBus referred customer.

    NickelBus will, on a use case scenario, create travel itineraries which consist of multiple bus company services. This “multi-route” technology should be acknowledged by your company, and we will need to relay any related policies through to our users.

  • Building our Partnership

    We aim for our customers to have as much comfort as possible as they seamlessly transfer from our website to your checkout service. Please continue to work with us to strengthen customer confidence and trust for the benefit of both our companies.

    We like to build our brand around adventure and loyalty. As our services become more integrated, we would like to incorporate any loyalty programs you may have, and create a way for customers to log their trips with us. This effectively builds a travel community while increasing your brand awareness and individuality throughout

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