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Charter Manager Pro

This online software operates within the NickelBus Connect environment and is comprised of 1) a form request for your customers and 2) a quote management tool for your company. Your customers will enjoy the ease at which they can inquire about a trip, and your employees will appreciate the simplicity of compiling information and staying organized. Each feature is specifically designed to reduce the amount of time it takes your company to produce a quote, and maximize your business opportunities through efficient processes. NickelBus Inc is proud to offer you Charter Manager Pro because we are confident that we have produced a product that can directly increase the productivity of your charter business and be of extreme cost-benefit to your company. Contact us to inquire more, schedule a demo, and receive a quote.


Every request starts off with a call, email, or request form. Whichever avenue your customer chooses, NickelBus is built to accommodate and increase customer engagement. Our online charter request form is much more than your standard information to email request service. It is a complete 4-step easy-to-use charter request tool designed to minimize input errors, format to any device, and give you the confidence of receiving complete & organized trip information. Each submission generates a unique confirmation link which contains a summary of the customer’s submission. Click on the “SAMPLE OUR REQUEST FORM” button to try it out for yourself!


Click through the images to see how Charter Manager Pro appears on different devices

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    Interactive Request Form

    Efficiently collect complete customer trip information while minimizing input error and confusion. Our layout permits multiple pick-up, destination, and return locations in a comfortable format. With the completion of each step, customer entries are submitted to NickelBus Connect so you never lose a lead.

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    Unique Confirmation page

    You and your customers will never have a misunderstanding about their itinerary because this page clearly displays the customer’s schedule submission with any special comments or notes. Your company can edit their trip as necessary and the changes will immediately update on the customer’s page.

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    Online/Printable Flexible Invoice Design

    NickelBus Connect automatically creates invoices which become available for viewing and print immediately upon the customer’s acceptance of the quote and eliminates communication delays. Because this document is only assessable from the customer confirmation page, the customer will always have the most recent documents for print and viewing.

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    Online/Printable Contract & Digital Signature

    The customer contract, accessible from the user confirmation page, contains all itinerary information, details, and notes that can be executed via digital signature submission online. This document becomes available to the customer immediately after he/she accepts a quote, so you never have to spend valuable time writing specific emails or coordinating fax machines.

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    Dynamic Optimized Design

    Our unique form interface modifies its layout so that it is optimized to the device your customer is using. From desktop to mobile, never lose another lead due to an unformatted request form.

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    Email Notifications

    Your customer is notified every step of the booking process, so that he/she is always informed. This includes a “Thank you for your submission,” a “Quote posted” note, and a “Confirmed booking” notification. All email notifications can be edited to your company’s preference, so that you can convey your own personal touch and be on top of your customer communications.

CHARTER MANAGER PRO: Employee Interface

Nickelbus connect provides a modern, innovative, and intuitive online interface that is private to your employees and company activities. This portion of our system is also a dynamic interface, so that it will modify its layout to accomodate the device you are using. Travel with your tablet so you can access all of your information remotely from online and keep track of company activity even while you are on the go.


Click through the images to see how Charter Manager Pro appears on different devices

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    Organized Customer itinerary & Communication tools

    Each form submission is displayed in a simple layout and allows your company to post changes, accommodations, and notices to the customer’s confirmation page. By centralizing this information for your company and the customer, we’ve greatly reduced the chance of miscommunication and lost documents.

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    Detailed Map Integration

    Our maps tool automatically calculates the approximate distance and travel duration for your trip based on your customer’s submitted itinerary. Never lose time entering addresses from an email because our system is completely automated to do this work for you. Easily add additional points of travel for rest stops, sightseeing, or driver transfers.

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    Mark-up tools & Presets

    We provide a very unique array of settings that allows you to quickly produce a quote for your customers. Use our 5-tier mark-up settings to automatically suggest modified prices throughout the year that depend on the calendar day of the customer’s trip. This feature is perfect for helping to train and guide new employees to assist with quoting.

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    Organized Reviews & Publish Tools

    Review employee quotes before they get published and returned to your customers with our easy to learn quote posting tools. Always know which requests need to be quoted and which are queued for finalization. Facilitate your allocation of duties by having your senior employees use this feature to refine base quotes before they are delivered to customers.

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    Automated email Notifications

    Know exactly when customers complete each step of the request & booking process to reduce response times, and stay on top of sale completion. All email notifications can be edited to your company’s preference, so you can maintain your brand’s personal touch.

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    Simplified Request/Inquiry OrganiZation

    Our step-by-step request process always indicates the stage that a request is at for booking completion. In this way, employees always know what the next step is to complete a sale. With this method, we optimize your quoting process because your employees can be assigned specific duties and your inquiries will never become disorganized.

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    Detailed Data Connection

    NickelBus Connect date/time stamps every step of the booking process. Enjoy data analysis tools that will assist you in perfecting your business procedures, methods, and strategies. These include cancellation surveys, denied quote surveys, booking process analysis tools, inquiry records, and much more!

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    Complete Sales Archive

    Every request is archived within NickelBus Connect, and we provide search capabilities to locate individual records. In the future, we are looking to bring you tools that will identify return customers, so that you can nurture long-lasting relationships.


The below information provides some detail and insight into specific information and technicalities behind NickelBus Connect functionality, setup, and integration with your company.

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    Online Public Web Interface

    The NickelBus Connect quote request form is hosted by NickelBus. We will provide you a unique link that will direct to our servers when a customer clicks “Request A Quote” on your website. This makes setup with your current website very quick and simple.

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    Personalized Branding

    Your company has the opportunity to choose from various degrees of website branding to align our form link with your company image. You have the ability to edit and modify particular features of the form request from within NickelBus Connect.

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    Software and server maintenance

    All back-end software processes required for the operational functions of the system, including server hosting, maintenance and upgrades, are services provided by NickelBus.

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    Trusted Server Security

    An SSL certificate is designed into our software to provide secure access to your company’s employees and customers. This permits a secure, encrypted connection to NickelBus Connect.

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    Detailed Website Analytics

    Discover details about visitors accessing the Charter Request form and other data including, but not limited to, number of visitors, number of repeated visitors, location, access time, and more.

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    Global, 24/7 Cloud Access

    Access all components of the software anytime, from anywhere. Simply login and your data is readily accessible.

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    Unlimited bandwidth and web traffic

    Our servers don’t impose limits on access to your customer form or employee interface.

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