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The idea of NickelBus began when founders Nick and Ralph were aiming to take a trip to go see some college friends. We were looking to avoid taking a car due to anticipated expenses in gas and parking, so we turned to the motorcoach industry. After hours of online searching, neither Google, Yahoo, nor Bing could reveal any of the transportation solutions we were hoping to find. Searching point to point didn’t work, searching by state and region didn’t work, and searching within particular company listings wasn’t even effective! There were obviously thousands of travel opportunities, but it seemed impossible to filter through all of the information. It was then that the idea for was born – a website designed for the centralized listing of scheduled motorcoach services throughout the country. We founded NickelBus Inc with the mission to facilitate travel search for millions of people and accompany the rebirth and emergence of scheduled service motorcoach travel throughout the world.

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In 2014, Nick and Ralph attended their first American Bus Association conference in Nashville, TN. Our intent and mission was to share our company ideas with the entire motorcoach industry and build the foundation for business partnerships with scheduled service companies. The experience was very worthwhile, and we were quite impressed with just how exciting the motorcoach travel industry can be! We certainly appreciated travel by bus before we went to Nashville, but the event was truly an eye opener to how much control and dominance motor carriers have and maintain in the travel and tour industries.

At the fundamental level, trains and planes can take you between major points of interest, but you’re often left searching for a way to travel the “last-mile” to your destination. - Not with the motorcoach industry. Unless you’re taking a taxi, there isn’t another type of service that brings you directly to your destination. It was through our experience with the American Bus Association that we realized there is a much deeper connection between motorcoach companies, tour agents, and the travel industry as a whole, than there is with planes, trains, or taxis..

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In light of this realization, we turned to the software tools that help to keep this industry running. To our surprise, we came across many systems that, while functional, seemingly handicapped the growth of the industry with outdated technologies! At that moment, we realized that our passion for adventure and technological advancement reached far beyond our initial website concept and deep into the roots of the motorcoach and partner company operations. Immediately, we embraced a larger mission to rebuild travel industry software, from the ground up, in a way that would bring customers closer to the companies they purchase from, facilitate more inter-business relationships throughout the industry, and revolutionize the customer experience.

Today, we present to you NickelBus Connect. It is a portal network to the travel industry which hosts all of our online products. Since Marketplace 2014, we have been building this new technology and working with professionals throughout the industry to create new and innovative tools that are quick to learn, easy to implement, and extremely efficient. We have embraced the modern tablet and mobile environments so that your employees have an elegant experience along with your customers. We have embraced the modern tablet and mobile environments so that your employees have an elegant experience along with your customers. By breaking down every step of common day-to-day operations, we have refined business procedures and built automated tools that will take control of mundane, repetitive activities. This means you can finally spend less time and resources running your business, and more time developing new ways for it to grow. NickelBus Connect is your opportunity to use the technology of the millennial generation to your advantage, and supersede your customers’ expectations!

Looking back on our college days, we’ve come so far from just searching for a ticket. The idea of was the birth of a much larger vision, a fresh experience, and a new understanding of the travel industry. Now, with NickelBus Connect, we are onto something much greater – a larger vision, a greater passion, and a bigger adventure than two young travelers could have ever imagined.

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